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Digital solutions that
optimize outcomes.

We transform the way our customers build, deploy, and use software by implementing a full range of services that create immediate and continuous impact. Our 3 part approach acts as a journey we take together to make positive and lasting change to not only your software and systems, but also your business.

We offer a full range of services that create immediate and continuous impact. Our 3 stage approach acts as a journey we take together to make positive and lasting change to your systems and software, and your business.


Consult & Cultivate
  • Align to value. Through ruthless prioritization and streamlining of your key objectives, we align your entire organization to meet the established goals. Leveraging lean startup principles, we transform the thinking, culture and processes required to enable and accelerate your digital transformation. Enabling leadership at every level, we establish conditions that ensure enduring impact.
    • Software factory fundamentals
    • Improvement Kata
    • Leadership alignment workshops
    • Establish vision and objectives
    • Operating model implementation
  • Map the landscape. Evaluating your business value streams, technical domain, and organizational culture is key to making an accurate map of the landscape. We work together to identify the largest bottlenecks, and how to overcome them.
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Domain Driven Design
    • Horizons of Innovation
  • Implement the vision. Once the collective team has a full understanding of all conditions, we implement the vision. Accurately targeting all digital strategies, we set the measures to ensure we’re creating forward momentum and optimizing impact.
    • OGSM Framework (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures)
    • Growth Boards
    • Vertical (Thin) Slicing
    • Bureaucracy Hacking


Design & Develop
  • Platform productivity. PaaS is key to unlocking developer, operator, and compliance productivity. We help you build, deploy, and run your cloud native platforms whether they be on-prem, off-prem, or hybrid.
    • Infrastructure and networking
    • Platform deployment and operations
    • Enterprise service development
    • Platform onboarding
    • Site reliability engineering
  • Compliant path-to-production. Unlocking continuous delivery means we have to make ship easy. Delay is a risk and the cost is high. We have experience building automation with a focus on quality and security in the most regulated and bureaucratic organizations. From member onboarding and provisioning local machines to complex workloads operating at scale with high availability, we’ve got you covered.
    • True CI/CD implementation
    • Secure Release Pipelines
    • Continuous NIST compliance
    • Advanced release engineering
    • Advanced automated testing
  • Application delivery. Our balanced teams continuously delivery valuable apps and data that user love by embracing lean product management, UX design, and extreme programming (XP). We build new moderns apps and also re-platform existing legacy software applications, then explore options for modernization that benefit the mission. Together we solve real problems, for real users, in real operations environments.
    • Greenfield and brownfield application delivery
    • Paired balanced team enablement
    • Agile practice leadership and portfolio management


Measure & Maximize
  • Measure what matters. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research, starting with the user and working back toward the technology is the only way to truly measure what matters. We automate metrics and implement analytics to ensure the objectives, goals, and strategies are providing an amazing customer experience at every level.
    • Connect prod data to product value
    • Automated flow and software delivery & operations performance metrics
    • Application instrumentation
    • Qualitative surveys
    • Product branding and marketing
  • Shape the experience. The employee experience determines how well and how often code is shipped. A positive employee experience will enhance every interaction with the customer. Great customer experiences translate to great shareholder experiences and happy shareholders invest in employees. This is a transformation flywheel.
    • Connect employees to outcomes to build customer and mission obsession
    • Culture transformation
    • Improved net promoter scores
    • Organizational branding & marketing
  • Scale enterprise outcomes. Each time we shape the experience cycle, we create momentum. That produces a flywheel effect for your digital transformation, giving you the win-win scenarios you need to scale fast. Forever.
    • Connect the product, customer, and employee value to enterprise business/mission outcomes
    • Implement innovation accounting and portfolio budget allocation to scale what works (and kill what doesn’t)
    • Transformation branding & marketing