Ramona Jackson

Portfolio Product Director

Meet Ramona Jackson

Ramona is a product leader with 13 years of experience in SDLC execution, product commercialization, agile transformation, and collaborating to deliver sustainable value and impactful user experience.

Ramona partners and fosters relationships with vendors, end-users, and program stakeholders of software systems and services to define, design, develop, and deploy innovative solutions for business challenges.

Ramona’s also a pro mixologist who wins competitions with her unique cocktail recipes.


Tips for Rise8 Candidates

”Gone are the days of being the jack of all trades. To be successful long term at Rise8, as in any fast moving tech enterprise, you have to have specialized knowledge and insights (especially in security, cloud and data) to bring value and impact outcomes. And even more importantly, you have to effectively communicate that knowledge and insight with emotional intelligence and impeccable written communication skills.”

Ramona Jackson