Elizabeth Halford

Brand & Marketing Director

Meet Elizabeth Halford

As brand and marketing director, Elizabeth is one of the few Risers whose customer is Rise8. Coming from the worlds of TV production and content marketing, Elizabeth is a well-rounded creative who makes it her business to support all Risers with an exciting brand experience. She believes that great brands start with happy employees who have the support they need to do their jobs with style.

If you come onto the team at Rise8, you will have Elizabeth in your corner helping you represent the brand and use it as a tool to elevate each interaction you have with your customers.


Elizabeth's Take

”A business can have the best product in the world but if it can't connect with the right audience in the right way, it doesn't matter. I make sure that no matter how busy Rise8 gets serving our customers, there's always someone whose #1 focus is on caring for and continuously delivering the Rise8 brand.”

Elizabeth Halford