Carlo Viray

Director of Customer & Employee Experience

Meet Carlo Viray

As our Director of Customer and Employee Experience, Carlo is focused on creating and cultivating a great employee experience that leads to a great customer experience. Every experience matters and it’s about experiences that bring together empathy and passion that lead to success and happiness, for both employees and customers.

Before becoming a Riser, Carlo served six years as an acquisition officer managing software programs within the Air Force and Space Force.

Carlo was one of the first project managers turned product manager at Kessel Run, responsible for delivering the first major product adopted by AOCs across the globe. The Air Force sent Carlo to the Space Force to help stand up the Space Force’s first software factory, Kobayashi Maru, and Section 31, where he served as the Director of Product.

Despite helping lead digital transformation efforts for two major organizations, there was only so much he could do as a Captain. Wanting to continue to pursue his passion and to have an even larger impact outside of the military, he separated and decided to rejoin forces with Bryon at Rise8 to continue enabling innovation through people, culture, and software.


Carlo's View

”I joined Rise8 because I lived and experienced the impact that digital transformation had in the Air Force and Space Force and I wanted to continue bringing that impact to organizations that need it. To me, shaping experience means having happy, mission-dedicated employees that know how to serve customers and deliver valuable outcomes for them.”

Carlo Viray